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Auto Transport Guide

One of the prime concerns of a person transporting his car is the cost factor. This largely depends on the type of service that you are requesting for. The factors on which the cost will depend on are:

The distance between the pick and delivery point.

Whether you opt for open carrier or enclosed carrier service. The open carrier service is cheaper than the enclosed carrier.

Whether you opt for door pick up and delivery or terminal to terminal pick up and delivery.

The weight of your vehicle.

Let us elaborate on these points further. The distance factor will affect the cost and it takes common sense to understand that the further the carrier has to travel, the costlier it is going to be. When it comes to carrying your car, there can be two types of transportation. The open carrier system, where your car is transported along with several other cars and the carriage is open. You would have seen such trailer trucks on the highway, as they carry new cars from the factory to dealers’ showrooms. These are cheaper than hiring an enclosed carrier, where your car is placed in an enclosed carrier and is transported separately, without any other car. People use these types of services for very expensive and high end luxury cars.

The pick up and delivery points also affect the overall cost of auto transport. For instance, the door pick-up and delivery, though extremely convenient is going to cost you more than terminal to terminal option. In door pick up, the auto transport company simply answers your call and picks up your vehicle at the pre-appointed time and date and delivers the car at your destination doorstep. This is costlier than the terminal to terminal option. Most auto transport companies have their terminals located at strategic points around major cities. All you have to do is to drop the vehicle at the terminal located close to your house and likewise pick it up from the terminal of your destination city. This option works out cheaper than door pick up.

Then the weight of your vehicle also affects the costing. Because heavier vehicles weigh more as well as may take larger space in the truck, transporting them is also costlier than average cars.

When it comes to approving the costing for transporting your car, make sure that you take quotes from at least 3 to 5 auto transport companies. Be clear in your communication as to the type of services that you require and the scheduled time of pick up and delivering your vehicle. While the average time taken for auto transport should not be more than 5 days, the situation may differ depending on weather and road conditions. There are many auto transport companies who will agree to drive your car to the new destination. in case you are not too sure as to what type of services that you will finally choose, take quotations for all the options which the company has to offer. While some moving companies request for some percentage of the total value as booking money, others may ask for the full amount to be paid upfront. Whichever method is adapted, you will have to clear all dues at the time of taking delivery of your car.

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