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Loading your household goods for storage can be a lot easier, if you have a quick check list in front of you. It is not humanly possible to remember every detail of this otherwise huge exercise and though you may believe that you are not likely to forget even the minutest details, writing it down always help in times like these. Remember, there are a hundred things which are going on in your mind so what to store, how to store them can get very confusing and you might make some critical errors in the process. Firstly, having a check list is helpful because it makes the task of unloading and unpacking much less cumbersome. After all, you want a peaceful settlement after a hectic packing and loading schedule.

Here is a quick check list for proper storage:

The whole art of having a smooth relocation is when you have an easy packing and unloading complemented by an easier unpacking and unloading. The planning exercise begins while you pack and store, so that you do not face any problem while unloading your goods.

The trucks travel at high speed on the highways. So if you load the heaviest items first, it lends some amount of stability to the truck while on the road.

Inside a storage unit, keep the items which you will need to unload first right in front of the space.

Hire the right container size for storing your goods. If you do not have any idea of how much space you might need for storage, ask the storage provider. Since they are professionals in this field, they can provide valuable advice on the subject. So, before booking the truck rental, enquire whether the company can help you out with this type of advice and suggestions.

Store your goods in the truck, one-fourth of the space at a time. Fill up the space from floor to ceiling in a tight fashion so that none of the items can get dislodged during journey. Secure each section of the loaded truck with ropes which are tied down to the tying rings.

Keep the front walls of the truck free for loading heavy and large items like sofas, bureaus, refrigerators, etc. The sofas and cupboards must be covered with protective covering or furniture padding for protection against chipping or breakage. The chairs, tables and other smaller furniture can be stored at the back of the truck.

There are a lot flat shaped items in the house, like mattresses, box springs, mirrors etc. The truck walls are the right places for these items where they can be kept leaning against the flat surface of the wall. Tying them properly with the wall is essential to prevent damage. The mirrors should be wrapped with padding and there are special mirror boxes available, which can also give adequate protection.

Always keep boxes which weigh lighter on top of the heavier ones.

Boxes containing fragile or delicate items should be kept right at the top without any load on top of it.

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