moving garage sale

Same item are more expensive to move then buing a new one in the new location

One of the biggest dilemmas a householder gets trapped in when it is relocation time is which item to take and which items should be thrown out or got rid of. If you are also going through the same situation, you could get some consolation that you are not the only one. Most of us have the habit of accumulating things over the years and never sell off or dispose of items that we would never use and items which have become defunct. We keep on gathering them and cluttering up our garage, attic or basement and when it is time to move, we are in a quandary, what to do with so much unwanted luggage. Since the cost of moving depends not just on the distance to be traveled but also on the weight of the consignment, it is a wise decision to get rid of all the items which you do not need now or will never need in the future. There are many items like this which comes to mind: bicycles which the children have outgrown, lawn mowers which you will not need in your new home as there is no garden, and many such.

Did you know that there are enough people, may be from your neighborhood who would treasure that garden umbrella or those garden equipment which you no longer would use? Right from children toys, baby cots, mattresses, cupboards, shoe racks, old furniture like tables and chairs and many such items would be held in high esteem by many who are looking for old stuff.

A moving garage sale is your answer to get many redundant items out of the way, so that you can begin life in your new home, in the most uncluttered manner. You will not only reduce the weight of your consignment, save on moving cost, but make some extra dollars selling those things which you do not need. Simply decide on a convenient date and time as soon as possible. The best days are considered to be Fridays and Saturdays as Sundays, most people have other holiday plans. The perfect timings are 9 am to 4 pm or even 10 am to 5 pm.

The best place to have a moving garage sale is the garage itself, the driveway or the basement. The other good sites are a friendís back yard or the local flea market. While organizing a moving garage sale consider that your buyers might need parking space, so you must leave enough space for them to park.

Informing your neighbors in the locality could be a good idea as they also might contribute to the stack of items up for sale. They would also be prepared for additional traffic on the road on the day of the sale. Advertising your moving garage sale is another aspect which you must consider very carefully. The more people know about your sale, the better prospect you have to sell all the items. The local newspaper in the classified section, public bulletin board, Local Access Community TV Public Notices, road signs pointing towards your sales venue are all good ideas to advertise the event. But remember, the major newspapers might a bit too expensive for this type of event, unless you have a large promotional budget.

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