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The main criteria of selecting a local self storage unit are based on the security and safety aspect of the facility. While the security systems for banks and allied institutions are in a class apart, your self storage unit is no way inferior to these places, as it contains very many valuables of trusting customers. The site for such self storage units should be within easy reach, for your convenience, and you must ensure that the unit is equipped with the most modern security alarm systems

Between public storage and self storage facilities, most people prefer the latter for the simple reason that the key to the unit is solely kept with you and no external source has an access to it. The other benefit of self-storage units is that you can check out of the facility anytime that suits you – especially in the event of your moving out of the locality. You could even get the storage company’s assistance in moving in and out of their units, at a small fee of course.

It is important to be fully aware of the risks and benefits of renting self storage units. This way you can get the best deal and avail of all the discounts and other privileges which storage units regularly offer. When you inspect the storage place you are going to take on rent, it is always good to get an official evaluation of the value of the goods. This can help you with your insurance policies and also check out whether the rates asked for by the storage company, is justified or not.

Self storage units are spaces which are let out on hire by storage companies at a weekly, monthly or yearly rent. The area available can be in varied sizes, from small locker rooms to large floor spaces which are fit for storing cars, boats or pianos etc. While small lockers are available at bus or train stations, larger storage spaces are usually located outside city limits. There are a lot of limitations and restrictions on the goods that you can store in self storage units. Any hazardous chemical, inflammable items, toxic items and perishable items like food, plants, etc are not allowed to be kept inside these places as they can cause hazard not only to your own goods but to the facility in general.

In case of non-payment of bills, the storage company usually auctions the goods stored. In case the value recovered still does not cover up the due amount, the storage company has all the rights to sue you

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