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Moving Services Guide

To choose the right moving company who can provide you with the most appropriate moving services is no mean task. The first thing to remember is that the cheapest rate is not necessarily the best rate if cost of relocation is one of your primary concerns. You must look at what moving services you are getting in return. Only when the services which you want are being met by the moving services provider, then only the rate is treated to be ‘feasible’.

The first point of reference in your search for a moving services provider is the internet. There is plenty of variety available as far as moving services are concerned and it should not be a very big problem trying to find the right moving company. you could also search for the company’s history and background through their website. Look for any special offers which they are giving at that point of time and see if the offer interests you.

Better Business Bureau is another resource where you could get information about their capability in handling past customer complaints, grievances, etc.

Most reputed moving services provider belongs to the trade organization called the American Moving & Storage Association or they could have their affiliations with other renowned trade organizations. You could check out their memberships as it is a sign of their adhering to some quality control checks and other safety parameters.

Another good resource to check the credentials of a moving service provider is to see whether the service provide is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), of the U.S. Department of Transportation. The website of FMCSA provides a list of companies which are permitted to move goods from one state to another. Of course you could use an inter-state mover even when you are contemplating relocation within the state.

To avoid any post-relocation problem, you could check with a copy of their contract, whether they have any policy firmed up regarding settlement of any disputes. This tells you up front that in the unfortunate event of a dispute, it might be amicably settled.

Friends, colleagues and neighbors are good resources to check about moving services companies. Past experience is invaluable and you could learn a few important lessons about moving companies from people who have been through this exercise in the recent past.

Check whether the relocation with a particular company is insured and bonded. Most renowned moving services providers insure the customers’ goods against damage and breakage.

After you have short-listed some reputable companies, you should contact at least 3 companies and get moving quotes from them, after physical inspection of your premises. This will help you to compare the prices and work out all the additional benefits which each company is offering.

Inform the moving company about the condition and availability of staircase, elevators, and approach road to your house as these factors affect the moving quotes dramatically. Remember all additional costs to be incurred during relocation must be mutually agreed upon, if you wish to avoid last minute surprises.

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